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Descrição do Super Brain Pro

Super Brain includes FOUR mini-games:
* Memory training
* Algorithm calculation
* Observation
* Arithmetic

__/ Memory training:

Number is displayed on the screen for a given time; your task is to play that number from your memory.
The game lasts for one minute. Guessed figure gives points. Completed number gives additional bonuses. Top 10 high scores stored in the high score table. You can send the best score to the global high score table.
The following options of gameplay:
- Number of digits
- Latency on screen
These parameters can be set before the start new game. This may flexibility to customize difficulty of gameplay.
You can share your high scores with your friends via social networks.

__/ Algorithm calculation:
Your job here is guessing of arithmetic operations sequences that occurred on series of numbers. Initially, you have four series of numbers and results of the calculations for the three of them. You should identify the algorithm for obtaining the result of the given numbers and enter the result for the fourth series.

If you enter the correct result, you'll unlock the next level and so on. Otherwise, all numbers in the task will be changed randomly and you are offered to guess algorithm again.

There are 48 levels in the game, four stages of difficulty.

__/ Observation:

In this game your task is to remember the position of digits on the field in given time, and then input digit in the designated field cell.

There are 32 levels in the game, four stages of difficulty.

__/ Arithmetic:

The player's task is to solve exercises, the result of the previous exercise becomes the first operand of the next, etc. Difficulty increases every 10 levels.
3 degrees of difficulty, and a lot of levels in each.

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